How many people journey together?

Their number varies and depends on the type of tour: from approximately ten persons to forty, perhaps more if it is a special charter train.

How can I pay?

For the moment you can only pay in euros, either by international bank transfer or by a cheque in euros, but this latter option has to be from a bank account in France.

We regret that we are not able to accept cheques in euros not issued from a French bank account, international money orders or cheques in other currencies.

You may also pay by credit or debit card either by telephone or by postal authorisation.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, full details are included in our email confirming your reservation request.

What happens to the data I provide you with?

Personal data communicated in the reservation process is only used for the purposes of organising your holiday and never ceded, sold or let to a third party.

Our company has declared this website to the "Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés" in accordance with the laws governing data protection.

What guarantees do I have concerning my holiday?

Our company is fully insured for Civil Liability with insurers HISCOX (Policy N° 0079717), as required by articles R212-37 to R212-41 of the "Code du Tourisme".

We have also subscribed to a financial guarantee fund (bond) for an amount of 100 000 €. This guarantee is mandatory (article 212-2 c of the "Code du Tourisme") and has been issued by the "Association Professionnelle de Solidarité du Tourisme". The guarantee ensures, amongst other things, that in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, any monies deposited are safe and that if you are already abroad you receive all the help needed to continue your holiday.

What are my rights as regards the holiday contract?

The relationship between a tour operator and a client is very strictly defined under French law, and is a direct result of the application of EC Directive 90/314 and its transposition into national legislation, for example Law N° 92-645 of 13th July 1992.

Subsequent Decrees of the French Republic have complemented the original texts, notably Decree N° 94-90 of 15th June 1994. Article 104 of this Decree is the mandatory basis of our General Conditions.

In addition to the mandatory General Conditions designed to protect the consumer, our company also has Specific Conditions which conform to the requirements laid down by the "Code du Tourisme".

Please consult both Conditions before making your reservation request.

What do I do about Travel Insurance?

Our company is fully covered for its own Civil Liability obligations.

You should subscribe to a "Medical and Repatriation" travel insurance policy to ensure you are covered during your holiday for these risks.

We also strongly suggest you subscribe to a "cancellation/stolen luggage" policy.

Please first consult the tour programme to see what insurance, if any, is included with the tour.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

The amount paid will be refunded, less any booking fees and cancellation charges which are mentioned in our Specific Conditions. These fees vary according to the date at which you cancel, and are higher as the tour departure date nears.

How can I contact you?

You can reach us by telephone, fax, or email. Details are on the "Contact Us" main menu.

Can I pay in installments?

You are required to pay a minimum of 30% of the total amount due at the time you make your reservation request. The balance is due no later than 45 days before departure. Your reservation only becomes finally confirmed when you have paid the full amount due.

For more information please consult our General and Specific Conditions.

Why are your tours "land-only"?

This a choice we made in order to leave you in control of your holiday. You can choose how to get to the departure point ('plane, train etc.) and whether to add days to your holiday, stopover somewhere etc.

For each tour we give you an indication of the travel possibilites open to you and we are happy to advise you further.

What does "Escorted Tour" mean?

This term designates tours where you will be accompanied throughout by a member of discoveryTRAINS staff, from point of departure to point of return.

Some tours are organised in conjunction with a partner company. Your tour manager may be either from our company or from the partner company.

In both cases discoveryTRAINS remains sole responsible for the quality and the organisation of the tour.

With whom will I be travelling?

You will be travelling with other persons who, like you, appreciate the unique formula we are offering. They may well be from varying backgrounds, sometimes from several different countries.

How do you choose your tours?

The itinerary, duration and content of each tour have been carefully studied "in situ" to ensure that they conform to the type of journey that we want to offer to our clients.

Do you own the trains you use?

We don't own the trains, the corolloray to Europe's diversity is the disparity of technical specifications between countries, which means that is very difficult to cross frontiers with the same train.

Depending on the tour, we therefore use either a train we have hired especially or standard timetabled trains or a combination of both. We also occasionally use motor coaches for short transfers when needed, or even boats, adding interest and variety.

Are you a Travel Agency?

In accordance with the law, we have the statute of a travel agency and have been granted the necessary licence to operate. We are however, strictly speaking, a tour operator specialising in adventure and cultural holidays by train.

Are you partners trustworthy?

Our hotels are chosen carefully, often 3 or 4 star, according to local ratings.

The occasional motor-coach transfers are carried out by reliable local operators who conform to all the mandatory safety and security regulations in their country.

The train journeys are entrusted to rail companies that are either national operators or private local operators. In all cases the rail companies have obtained the mandatory security certificates and running authorisations for the journey.